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When you contribute to Leading Change you are  helping to fund leadership programs that  inspire youth and improve  communities.

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Marcus W. Bright, Sr. is a board member at Leading Change. Born in Maryland county, Liberia, he holds a BBA in Accounting, and Masters in Health Services Administration. He is a specialist in community health services, and tax administration, and has provided countless health, and tax services to hundreds of residents in Maryland, and across the United States.


Marcus is an international development motivator, and has a strong desire for local development decentralization. Passionate about change and development, he joined Leading Change in 2014 after following various updates about the organization through online engagements. “I was impressed after speaking with Daniel, and I said to myself, this is exactly what I need to be doing in order to help integrate communities, and promote youth development in Liberia,” said Marcus.


Since joining Leading Change, he has worked, and continues to work on fundraising for education support services to students, and schools in Liberia. He’s also worked on marketing and expanding Leading Change’s message through the website development process as well as media engagement, and volunteers’ recruitment. He leads the annual leadership evaluation process, and work with the director and other team members to continuously propose new policy changes for growth and development where necessary.


Marcus favorite motivation is that, self-development comes with change, and that change is a function of hard work, and dedication, but above all, humility. He continues to mentor volunteers, and work tirelessly to support the organization each day.



Cherue is a Liberian lawyer, born in River Gee County, Liberia. He graduated from the University of Liberia with a BBA in Accounting before enrolling at the Lewis Arthur Grimes School of Law, where he obtained a LLB in Law.  He currently serves as the lead Legal Assistant at the Heritage Law Firm in Monrovia.


Cherue is a motivated lawyer with passion for human, and community development. He has volunteered for several community health workshops, and is constantly leading efforts for local health improvements.  Serving as a board member and legal counsel to Leading Change, he focuses on providing due diligence with regards to legal services for the organization. As part of his enormous legal experience, he led the articles of incorporation development for Leading Change Liberia, as well as the constitution, registration, and accreditation processes.


Since joining Leading Change in 2013, his commitment to the institution has remained firmed. “I am committed to the vision of Leading Change, and I will stay true to everything I can in order to help accomplish this dream,” said Cherue when he first joined the organization four years ago. Like many other members of the organization, he shares a strong passion for child rights protection, and promotion, and human rights protection both locally, and globally. Recently, he called on other members of the institution to pay more attention to child welfare policies, and work more aggressively to deliver efforts that could improve the lives of children everywhere.



Thomas E. Zordani is a board member of Leading Change, and a published author of the best-seller Faith Finances.  He’s a native of the United States. Mr. Zordani Attended: Metro St College, Colorado Northwestern, CU Boulder and CU Denver, and studied Spanish and History.

Since 1994, He has conducted extensive research on biblical-stewardship concepts, is a gifted public speaker, and a renowned personal-finance counselor.  He has appeared on Catholic TV, Catholic Life Television and has been heard on many radio stations nationwide including EWTN, and Ave Maria Radio.  He is an active member of Saint Pius X Catholic Church in Aurora, Colorado, and resides in Denver with his wife Phyllis, and three of their eight children.


He joined Leading Change because of his desire to teach, and share a message of economic opportunity with the people of Liberia, and other parts of the world. He’s currently working on reforming the internal mentorship programs at Leading Change, as well as developing the institution’s comprehensive program on Leadership and entrepreneurship. Tom is passionate about leadership and spiritual values, and strongly believes that an honest investment in self-awareness can matured individuals in their joining to positive change, and transformation.



Erin lives in Denver, Colorado, where she works as a marketing consultant for small businesses and non-profits, specializing in website creation, branding, social media marketing, crowd-funding and public relations. Her interest in business and marketing began while attending Colorado Mountain College in Steamboat Springs and eventually led to her enrollment in Colorado State University’s Marketing Program. When she isn’t working on her business, Erin devotes her free time to worthy causes such as, Leading Change, animal welfare organizations, and anti-human trafficking efforts.


She joined Leading Change after meeting Daniel and Jugbeh while volunteering at an anti-human trafficking event in 2015. Erin was inspired by their passion and dedication to their mission of empowerment.  Since then Erin has worked to develop the Leading Change website while helping with social media, fundraising and strategics planning.



Daniel is a Liberian, born in Monrovia, Montserrado County. He holds a bachelor degree in Economics with focus in development planning, and public development administration. In 2012, he served as Student Representative to the University of Liberia council (SRC), and diligently represented over 25,000 students in the development, and implementation of academic programs, and policies. He also holds several training Certificates from the United States Aid for International Development (USAID), including one in project monitoring and evaluation, and another in business skills for agricultural planning, and Data Demand and usage.


Daniel is a motivational speaker, development consultant, and youth development counselor. He is currently the founder, and Director of Leading Change Inc., and focuses on education, child rights protection, individual empowerment, and community development.


Through his studies, he concluded that, with education, and a strong support system, any community could be empowered to make the kind of change that would transform a struggling population into a positive, and productive environment for future generations. He sums up this belief by saying, “I feel that by changing my community, I am changing the world, especially the life of a kid next door.” He has attended several trainings and development meetings across Africa, the United States, and Europe.  His focus is to keep building relationships, and expanding the organization’s mission across the world.  Daniel, and his team are currently working on multiple sister school projects between Denver and Liberia.  One of his best motivation is: “Change is never given, it’s earned, it’s the sacrifice we must make to deliver a healthier nation to generations after us.”



Jugbeh Doe-Smith serves as Operations Director at Leading Change, and is a native of Liberia (West Africa). She holds an Associate degree of Art, and is also a graduating senior at the University of Colorado Denver, majoring in Accounting with duo minors in Communication, and Women and Gender Studies.


She has attended several conferences and development trainings, and holds various professional certificates including one from USAID in the Fundamentals of Implementation Research, and a Business certificate from the Community College of Aurora in Business development, and management.


Joining Leading Change only a year ago, she has brought enormous experience to the institution especially in the areas of effectively monitoring policies, and programs, recruitment, team communication, reporting and work accountability. She led the rebranding the organization’s logo, developed a timesheet system, social media fundraising campaign, and several other projects.


She got involved with Leading Change due to her desire to improve the lives of people. She is particularly passionate about women empowerment, personal development, leadership, and child rights, and believes that change is significant to life, but insignificant without growth.  Jugbeh enjoys volunteering for youth after school programs, the homeless, women/girls’ organizations, reading personal development books, participating in community service activities, and keeping family time. Her goal is to continue to improve operational excellence in project activities, and help the organization to successfully accomplish its vision.



Matthew is a Liberian native, and a 2012 graduate with BA in Sociology from the Cuttington University in Liberia. In 2014, he joined Leading Change and served as Agriculture Coordinator for a year, and was later elevated to the position of M & E Officer.


He possesses strong research and planning skills, and has worked with several local and international development organizations including International Medical Corps-Liberia, Carter Center, IFES Liberia, DAI-FED, Environmental Resource Management (UK), Child Fund Liberia etc. He currently serves as the lead research coordinator for the sister school agriculture project between Denver and Liberia.



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When you contribute to Leading Change you are  helping to fund leadership programs that  inspire youth and improve  communities .